Auditorium al Duomo
Multifunctional space, local public show, strategically located just steps from the Duomo and S. M. Novella Railway Station. Particularly suitable for events, congresses, exhibitions and concerts with various capitals up to 500 people. The “A. Tomasewski Amphitheater” hosts up to 300 people, an excellent 30-square-meter stage with a grand piano. The Auditorium at the Duomo has seen among its celebrated guests M. Rostropovich, G. Kuhn, G. Nichols, R. Panerai, D. Kotlinski, P. Poli, S. Lombardi and others. Foyer and Caffè Astra at the Duomo host art exhibitions in a central, welcoming and high-visibility spot that through art becomes a meeting point and exchange of culture.

The Auditorium al Duomo has hosted guests such as M. Rostropovich, G. Kuhn, G. Nichols, R. Panerai, D. Kotlinski, P. Poli, S. Lombardi etc.
Many international art exhibits take place in the Foyer and in the Caffè Astra al Duomo – this friendly central location, with a high visibility, is a point of meeting and exchange through art between cultures.

Palazzo Coppini
Palazzo Coppini dates back to the sixteenth century and is located in Via del Giglio, in a strategic position close to S. M. Novella railway station and Auditorium al Duomo. It is seat of the Fondazione Del Bianco Museum, has been completely renovated and now includes 7 halls accommodating a total of up to 150 people, as well as exhibition spaces and welcome areas. Institutions, organizations, associations and companies are welcome to make use of Palazzo Coppini’s rooms and facilities as a venue for their events

Open space, located in Viale Guidoni 103, is a 1,000 square metres space with a post-industrial look, modular and malleable for every need ideal for meetings, parties, fairs, cultural events, seminars and workshops. The space lends itself beautifully even for fashion shows, exhibitions and as a laboratory for creativity and self-expression.
ICLAB is the place of experimentation for creative youth, a space in which research, education and creativity come together.